How to identify the sex of your baby chicken Faverolles

I found it helpful to have the pictures showing the distinction between male and female chicks at 2 weeks. I think it is help to have ones at 3 to 4 weeks as the differences are very clear. I have taken some of those pictures. I know these pictures would have been helpful to me 2 years ago when I had 4 males and no females to compare. I kept thinking, this one is a little lighter....
The following are some pictures and dates to help you know as early as possible if your chickens are pullets or roosters.
Info below:

2011-03-07 Day 1

2011-03-20 Day 14

2011-03-22 Day 16



2011-03-27 Day 21

two females on the left (front and 3rd back) and two males on the right (2nd and 4th from front)

two females on the left and two males on the right

2011-03-30 Day 24

females are front and right

2011-04-05 Day 30

male on left and second back on the left side of feeder and two females up front on feeder and back right of feeder behind the frizzle

2011-04-15 Day 40

two males on left and two females on right

2011-04-30 Day 55

male left and female right
female left and male right

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