CS 4448 - Fall 1998
Object-Oriented Programming and Design

Call #72333 - 6:45PM-9:30PM on Monday in ECCR 105
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InstructorAdam Jonathan Griff ( computer@griffmonster.com - The subject line must include CS4448)
TA Sandeep Karandikar (karandik@colorado.edu - The subject line must include CS4448)
Course WebPage http://www.griffmonster.com/~griff/CS4448.fall98
Course Outline Outline
Adam's Office Hours In ECCS-102 from 4PM-6PM on Monday and by appointment.
Sandeep's Office Hours In ECCS-101 from 11AM-1PM on Tuesday, 3PM-5PM on Friday, and by appointment.
Text BookUnified Objects Object-Oriented Programming using C++ by Babak Sadr a 1998 IEEE Computer Society Press book. Order #BP07733 - ISBN 0-8186-7733-3
Official Prerequisites "CSCI 3155, Principles of Programming Languages (or expertise in a high-level programming language similar to C)"
Course Overview The focus of this course is on how to design and develop software systems using object oriented methodologies and languages. A heavy emphasis is placed on understanding OO design and implementing designs.
Assignments The course will include assignments in programming, design, and analysis. Assignments that do not conform to the format specified in the assignment risk receiving no credit. All programs in C++ must compile and run on Unix using GNU-G++ and all Smalltalk programs must file-in and run in Squeak(2.1) (new home with latest releases at Squeak.org). 3 Filters you might find useful- dos2unix.pl, unix2dos.pl, and squeak2unix.pl.
Exams There will be 2 exams during the semester covering the material from the assignments and class discussions.
The Project A project is also part of this course. The project involves applying the principles of OO design and implementation. More information can be found here.
Class Participation This class puts a large emphasis on interaction within the classroom. Including everyday discussions and one official presentation and discussion per student. Four students per week will give presentations during the semester. The presentation will cover material related to the current class discussion and come from external sources (journal publications, conference proceedings, etc.) Students must hand out the article being discussed to the class no later then the lecture before their talk. It is recommended that all students read the article. Arrangements can be made for the instructor to make the copies but sufficient time must be given. No later then the following lecture, the student presenting must emailing an overview of the talk to the instructor in HTML format. For this HTML file, copy the instructors format/template. This will ensure a consistent feel between all the overviews.
Grading Assignment are worth 50% of your grade. The project counts for 10% of your grade. The two exams count for 30% of your grade. The final 10% of your grade comes from class participation and your presentations.
Due dates and lateness Assignments are due on the day specified. Late assignments will not be accepted without the explicit permission of the instructor. Permission will not be granted without a good reason such as severe illness, death in the family, etc.

Major Topics


Students are encouraged to discuss the course material, concepts, and assignments with other students in the class. However, all material turned in by a student must be the sole work of that student. Anyone caught copying or otherwise turning in material that is not solely their work will receive an F for the course in keeping with University of Colorado policy. If you are unsure of what is and is not allowed by this policy, talk to the instructor.

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