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Performance-driven professional with an extensive track record of building, designing, and documenting complex systems. Persuasive communicator, motivating and engendering trust and support from direct reports and others involved in the projects. Effectively comprehends new and complex technical information, transfers this knowledge to technical and non-technical audiences. Seeking opportunity to work in an environment with motivated individuals designing and building software with the ability to change requirements, specifications, and design as needed based on changes in technology, market conditions, and business needs.



  • University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA.
    Ph.D./PhD (Computer Science), April, 2000.
    Thesis: Gryphon: A Dynamically Tailorable Mechanism for Customizing Location and Caching Policies in Distributed Object Subsystems

  • Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA.
    M.S./MS (Computer Science), June, 1992.
    Thesis: Algorithm Overloading on the n-cube Hypercube

  • Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA.
    B.A./BA (Computer Science) with minor in Economics, June, 1991
    Major GPA 3.75, Dean's List, Cum Laude.

  • Courses include: Structured Programming and Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Hardware and Software Parallel Computing, Operating System Design, Microcomputer Systems Design, Compiler Design, Computational Linguistics, Multimedia Programming, Computer Architecture, Digital Systems, Technical Writing, Economics of Latin America, Modern Dance, and Culinary Arts.



  • Areas of Research and Teaching: Programming Languages, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Design
  • Languages: Java, C++, Perl, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Smalltalk, UML, HTML, VRML, XML, C, PASCAL, X, MOTIF
  • Operating Systems : UNIX(Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), MAC(OS-X), WINDOWS
  • Software: GWT, Google Maps, Hibernate, MySQL, Maven, SODA 2.0 API, Firebase Authentication, Degreement Student Advising System, Rational Rose Real-Time, Apache Web Server, GlobalSight System3, Interwoven TeamSite, Rational ClearCase, Vignette, Active, WebMethods, various CORBA implementations
  • Development Environments: Eclipse, Git, Emacs, CVS, SVN (Subversion)
  • General: Group Management, System Design, Technical Writing, Publishing, Customer Presentations and Education
  • Polarity Management training 2009.
  • Proficiency: English (native) and French



  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) since 1991, Senior Member since 2013
  • Member of the IEEE Computer Society since 1991
  • IEEE Computer Society Denver Section Secretary 2008, Treasurer 2009, 2010, Chair 2011
  • Reviewer, Groupware conference 1993,1994
  • Reviewer, Architecture conference 1995
  • Reviewer, International Conference on the Application and Theory of Petri Nets 1998
  • Reviewer, Seventh International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation - MASCOTS 1999
  • Reviewer, Groupware conference 2001



  • Received Globalsight's monthly Presidents Award (August 2000 and March 2001) for outstanding contributions by working cross functionally to reduce disparity between client needs and engineering priorities
  • Award winning assistant chef at the Culinary School of the Rockies
  • USENIX Association Grant to attend COOTS (Conference on Object Oriented Technology and Systems) in San Diego, California. June, 1999
  • USENIX Association Grant to attend COOTS (Conference on Object Oriented Technology and Systems) in Portland, Oregon. June, 1997



  • CWA Scheduler: Scheduling the 100 participants on 200 panels for the Conference on World Affairs at CU Boulder. Java.
  • Colorado Care Yes: Calculator to help explain Colorado Care Yes Amendment 69 for Universal Healthcare.
  • Personal Mail Program: Sends personalized email to groups. Used with Degreement to contact students regarding scholarship eligibility, nearing graduation, academic probation, etc. Perl and MySQL.
  • GMSysMon: System Monitor and alarming on CPU load, temperature thresholds, network and machine failures, custom events. Small and light weight alternative to heavy weight power of Nagios.
  • Checkbot: contributed code to extend functionality of CPAN project hosted on Enhanced providing plug-in capabilities for custom parsing and analysis by this web spider report tool.
  • Birthday Program: Reminds of yearly events - birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Perl (originally Pascal).
  • Web Counter Script: logs of web accesses, blocking abilities, statistics, and tracking to referrer page.
  • Griff Daily: Electronic paper of links to local and international information. More interesting early 90's pre-portals.



  • Living and working in various cultures: 2006-2007 New Zealand, 2007 Australia, 2007 France
  • Dancing: Modern dance, Contact Improv, aerial dance, swing, Acroyoga
  • Photography
  • Culinary arts
  • Skiing, tennis, rock climbing
  • Soccer - Player in the Boulder co-ed community league since 1999 - 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005 champs
  • Cycling - Triple Bypass 2003, Copper Triangle 2006, Ride the Rockies
  • Running: New York City Marathon 1988 and Bolder Boulder 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2006
  • Managing Judge for 2008, 2012 Election (prevent any funny business)
  • UGGS (United Government of Graduate Students) and related activism
  • Lehigh Campus Activities: Epitome (yearbook) - Photo-Editor & Photographer, Intramural Manager, Gryphon (Resident Advisor) - Publicist, International Club, WLVR (campus radio station) - DJ, Pole Vaulting, Cross Country, Gymnastics Club



  • GriffMonster, LLC, Boulder, CO. February 2001 - Present
    President / Senior Software Engineer/ Principal Consultant
    • Technologies used: Java, Perl, MySQL, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Linux, Eclipse
    • Created Quickdates.Org - a social networking environment designed to allow interaction among users after a speeddating event. Controlled match notifications and providing privacy using access permissions on a user to user, p2p, basis.
    • Consulted for various clients utilizing my expertise in distributed systems, client / server architectures, operating systems, open source software
    • Learned, utilized, and disseminated acquired knowledge of new software
    • Led workshop in 2009 assisting 110 special needs individuals on resume writing, job interviewing, and presentation of self via a Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks program for the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service We Care program
    • Recently consulted for the President of Starfall Education Foundation, website that teaches children to read and do math, to help restructure and grow the Organization's IT and development teams. Performed an audit of systems, communications, technology, personnel, using feedback from effected parties in the organization (President, CTO, creative team members, technical members, and the IT team). The results were recommendations on employees with under utilized skills, areas needing external hiring, technology recommendations, cost benefit analysis between options, and more.
    • More information on consulting is available at

  • EcoLocate.Org, Boulder, CO. April 2009 - Present
    Founder / Senior Software Engineer
    • Technologies used: Java, MySQL, JavaScript, Linux, Eclipse, GWT, Google Maps, Hibernate, Firebase Authentication, SODA 2.0 API
    • Locate specialized and seasonal items available from individuals, farmers' markets, or stores using location, time, category and multi-lingual based searching
    • EcoLocate.Org - spatiotemporal searching of long tail data and home of the compost finder
    • Educating on PV Solar and ROI.
    • Health Insurance Adviser to educate and facilitate selecting the health insurance policy that is the best fit based on the customer's health and financial information. Uses the same technology as the compost locator with the addition of the Socrata SODA 2.0 API to access publicly available health insurance plans on the federal and state exchanges.

  • Conference on World Affairs, Boulder, CO. August 2015 - Present
    Arts Subcommittee Co-Chair and Film and Human Condition Subcommittee volunteer
    • Volunteer for Conference on World Affairs (CWA) at CU Boulder which is in its 70th year in 2018. It is a unique conference with 100 unpaid participants from around the world discussing "all things conceivable" (Tag line by Roger Ebert), on 200 free and open to the public panels, over the course of a week in April.
    • Participating on several programming subcommittees to help identify and recruit participants. As co-chair, facilitate weekly meetings keeping us, the volunteers, on topic and making progress in the limited time we have as professionals with full-time jobs. As a team, identify and recruit participants, create interesting and open-ended topics that will lead to engaging discussions.
    • Moderated and organized some of the discussions and performance events. A highlight in 2017 was putting together a performance with world class musicians and dancers (including aerialists) to improvise together.
    • Helped fix some bugs in the Java based scheduling software that finds times when rooms are available, participants are all available at the same time, without to many panels for a participants in the same day, without days without panels, and many more requirements.
    • Roles:
      • Human Condition Subcommittee - CWA 2016
      • Film Subcommittee - CWA 2016, 2017, 2018
      • Arts Subcommittee- CWA 2016, 2017, 2018
      • Arts Subcommittee co-chair - CWA 2017, 2018

  • Amendment 69 ColoradoCare, Colorado. November 2015 - November 2016
    Data Captain for Boulder County, Analyst, Educator
    • Helped with ColoradoCare Yes in support of Amendment 69. The amendment was on the ballot for November 2016 to provide Coloradans with Medicare for all style universal healthcare for everyone one in the state.
    • Using SmartVAN data to help connect to Coloradans via grass root volunteers to educate the voters on the topic.
    • Created a simplified version of the EcoLocate.Org Health Insurance Adviser tool to help explain the cost to each individual based on their specific health circumstances and personal financials.

  • Democratic National Convention Committee, Philadelphia, PA. June 2016 - July 2016.

  • Colorado HealthOp, Denver, CO. October 2015 - November 2015
    Member Board of Directors
    • Elected by the Members of the CO-OP. Excited to help CO and the nation take the next steps in improving health and healthcare. Unfortunately politics caused the CO-OP to close. Will see what else I can do to move our nation's health in a positive direction. Have some ideas ...

  • TuttiSystems, LLC, Denver, CO. June 2012 - November 2015
    Senior Software Engineer
    • Collaborated with the President/Founder of TuttiSystems, LLC, identifying the needs of small dental offices to refer patients to specialists and labs, track progress, and securely transfer patient information in the form of notes, documents, and images. The result was TuttiCare, a secure HIPAA compliant system for small practices with features commonly found on systems used by major hospitals at a fraction of the cost.
    • Designed TuttiCare to handle the needs of dental offices with the flexibility for future expansion into other fields of medicine with secure interfaces for doctors to collaborate with each other and communicate with their patients.
    • Met with prospective clients/friendly early adopters/beta testers in the fields of general dentistry, various dental specialties, and dental manufacturing laboratories. Assist with technical sales, using these opportunities to question assumed requirements of the clients, modify designs, and prioritize features.
    • Worked on code when the complexity of the algorithm was beyond the skills of the rest of the team and when needed to meet delivery milestones.
    • Built a team of UI developers, Software Engineers, and QA testers. Manage the communication channels between the various members and the President.
    • Working with a small budget provided the opportunity to focus on reducing feature creep of the product as well as mentor Junior team members on their first projects, preparing them for future projects.

  • Democratic National Convention Committee, Charlotte, NC. August 2012 - September 2012.

  • dRNome Inc., Boulder, CO - December 2010 - August 2011
    Senior Software Engineer / Solution Architect
    • Cross-functional team leadership, designer, and developer on dRNome's CueVue project
    • Re-architected the user interface (Adobe Flex), database (MySQL), file system, and middle-ware (Java,Hibernate, Spring) creating a coherent solution architecture
    • Identified team specialties enabling partitioning of project and distribution of manageable size sub-tasks

  • Degreement, Boulder, CO - August 2001 - December 2008
    President / Founder / Senior Software Engineer
    • Architected, designed, developed, and documented system
    • Integrated advising software with legacy systems and coded degrees into the system
    • Developed algorithms, UI, and specification languages for degree checking and reporting
    • Trained and mentored advisers on using the system
    • Managed directly sales and marketing teams dealing with universities, secondary schools, and state board of education
    • System design scaled to handle 100K students and several million student course records
    • Mentored computer science students on coding and designing degree requirements for departments, degree audit and advising software. Software Design for advising students and providing them with easy to read UI of courses taken, how they count towards graduation, requirements not yet satisfied, and options on courses to satisfy the remaining requirements. Provided mechanism for advisers to override and make exceptions to requirements. Designed DB Schema to handle 100K students and several million student course records, wrote the code, algorithms for analysis of courses for matching courses to requirements, syntax used to express requirements, mapping mechanism to synchronize with university student course data stored in an external DB while maintaining local student data regarding exceptions, transfer credits, adviser comments, and other information not present in the university controlled DB. Mentored undergraduate work study students in CS on the workings of the system and had them work on coding and designing degree requirement files for University departments using the software. Trained advisers on the workings of the system, led and managed sales force, worked with the writers on marketing materials, meeting with the users / customers and select future features based on biggest overall needs, feasibility, ROI, and educating customers to why some features could be achieved already in the current design and other features would result in bad design decisions. System is written in Perl with a MySQL back-end. For Degreement also worked in marketing and sales with universities, secondary schools, and state board of education.

  • Democratic National Convention Committee, Denver, CO. August 2008.
    Team Manager
    • Team Manager with the Sustainability and Greening Division of the Democratic National Convention Committee
    • Managed 125 volunteers and 4 managers in a venue with 30K visitors per day

  • Pancil, LLC, La Jolla, CA. October 2003 - January 2009
    Senior Software Engineer
    • Technologies used: Perl, MySQL, C++, FreeBSD
    • Architected, designed, developed, and documented network monitoring and notification application
    • Designed and developed plug-in interface to open source application enabling parsing of custom file formats
    Pancil, LLC / best known for their e-learning web site to teach children how to read English. Designed and coded software for network analysis, content parsing and analysis, and process identification and documentation. Designed and coded GMSysMon an application for tracking network connectivity and generating alarms to notify of network and machine failures. It is a light weight application similar to Nagios. The flexible design was then used to generate alarms on other data including overheating of computers, server rooms temperature, CPU load threshold monitoring, bandwidth limits, and more. Made available to open source community. Contributions to the open source Checkbot project. Identified bugs, fixed bugs, enhanced capabilities by adding plug-in interface points to allowing for parsing of custom data and information types. Used the plug-in feature to add the ability to parse custom flash files and produce list of links from the flash programs to pass back to Checkbot for checking validity of links.

  • GlobalSight, Boulder, CO. April 2000 - July 2001.
    Principal Software Engineer
    • Technologies used: C++, Java, GlobalSight System3, Interwoven TeamSite, Vignette, Active, WebMethods, Solaris
    • Identified, architected and designed features for globalization and I18N (Internationalization) product
    • Designed, developed, and documented integrations between I18N product and external products
    • Managed internal teams for customer integrations and communicated requirements to customers and external vendors that resulted in successful projects
    • Technical project management for European clients
    • Collaborated with product marketing and sales teams to develop market requirement documents and prioritize customer features
    • Mentored fellow developers in best practices and held "brown bag" and training sessions on external vendor products
    Designed and architected systems for a pre-IPO globalization company. GlobalSight develops software enabling the localization of web sites for international markets. Engineering responsibilities include designing and architecting future products and developing integrations between GlobalSight's existing products and external vendor products. Identified future GlobalSight products and features for evaluation by product marketing. Trained internal employees, partners, and clients to use and install the GlobalSight System3 products and integrations. Identify I18N (Internationalization) issues present in external products (Oracle, Vignette, ATG, Interwoven Teamsite, etc.), develop best practices documentation, and provide I18N training. Assist sales with prospective costumers as special needs arise. Only two time winner of the monthly Presidents Award for outstanding contributions to the company by an employee.

  • Ericsson Wireless Communications Inc., Boulder, CO. November 1999 - April 2000.
    Research Engineer
    • Technologies used: Java, Perl, CORBA, Rational Rose Real-Time, Emacs
    • Provided expertise on distributed communication issues
    • Designed and developed real-time controller interfaces to wireless base stations
    Designed and developed components for the next generation of CDMA base stations. Utilized Rational Rose Real-Time to model the behavior of the base station and generate real-time code. Developed Java and Perl programs to enable communication via CORBA between the base stations and the remote controllers.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder. January - May, August - December 1998.
    Visiting Instructor
    • Technologies used: Java, Perl, C++ STL, Smalltalk, Rational Rose
    • Developed and instructed Object Oriented programming and design course
    • Guided students in researching and presenting new tools, trends, and techniques
    • Managed group projects and lead design reviews of industry sponsored projects
    Instructor for CS4448 - Object Oriented Programming and Design. Developed and taught this course for two semesters using some of the latest tools available as well as using Smalltalk to parley an understanding of the underlying structure of Object Oriented Languages to those with structural language backgrounds. Guided students in researching new areas of computer science from latest journals and on-line sources to present findings for the edification of the students in the class and myself. This course used Squeak implementation of Smalltalk, C++, Rational Rose implementation of UML, C++ STL. Managed group projects and performed design reviews of projects students were working on for industry. Course listing Fall of 1998 and Course listing Spring of 1998.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder. January 1998 - November 1999
    Research Assistant
    • Technologies used: C++, CORBA, VRML, Linux, Emacs, Gryphon
    • Identified location and synchronization inefficiencies in communication subsystems
    • Architected, designed, and developed a dynamically tailorable distributed object subsystem
    • Resulted in reduced latency and improved scalability of applications in virtual environment and financial markets
    • Advised, consulted, and educated on design and implementation of distributed systems for data transparency, location migration, and redundancy
    Research Assistant worked on the Gryphon system and finishing my dissertation, "Gryphon: A Dynamically Tailorable Mechanism for Customizing Location and Caching Policies in Distributed Object Subsystems." Designed and built an object oriented communication subsystem in C++ built on top of TCP/IP network sockets. Utilized the OO communication subsystem to implement a CORBA-like ORB distributed object subsystem. Identified inefficiencies in communication caused by location and update transparency in CORBA, COM, and other systems. Designed, implemented, and analyzed the Gryphon agents which accept application level hints to enhance performance via location and update policies. Reduced message traffic in the ORB by many orders of magnitude for a variety of application domains. Created Virtual Environment applications, taking advantage of the reduced message traffic and latencies of the Gryphon enhanced ORB. Taught and assisted others in the creation of distributed applications utilizing the Gryphon subsystem. Resulted in insight and software that has been used to reduce latency and bandwidth and improve scalability in various fields from virtual worlds, gaming, and financial markets. Still a cutting edge field in computer science and have discussed my dissertation, its uses, and new offshoot ideas with companies for use in distributed virtual machines, data location mobility and migration, and backup redundancy techniques.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder. June - August 1998.
    Research Assistant working on the VPR (Virtual Planning Room) project.

  • Dean's Office of the College of Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. January 1995 - Present.
    Graduate Research Assistant and Consultant
    • Software and services for degree audit at CU. Trained advisors in the use of the system and built up an infer-structure for continued support through hiring, training, and management of support staff. Interacted with other university agencies to acquire student data needed for the advising system.
    • In 1995 Installed Linux to run advising system and the SSL enabled Apache web server.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder
    Worked on writing ARPA proposals
    Met with prospective faculty and gave feedback to hiring committee

  • University of Colorado at Boulder. August - December 1994.
    Research Assistant. Testing communication over FDDI/ATM networks for bandwidth and latency. Part of the BATMAN (Boulder ATM Area Network) and used workstations and KSR-1, Intel Paragon, CM-5, and Cray T3D supercomputers.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder. January - August 1994.
    Research Assistant. Worked in the area of performance analysis of PVM based distributed applications. Designed and implemented ParaVision, a tool to aid in the debugging and performance analysis of PVM applications. Used Escallante/ET++, a graphical framework for C++, to create the visualization tools.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder. August - December 1993.
    Teaching Assistant for 2 sections of CS 1300 - Introduction to Computing. The introductory course in the computer science department taught in C++. Included teaching recitations, holding office and lab hours, and grading.

  • Otsuka Electronics (U.S.A), Inc., Fort Collins, CO. 1992-1993
    Utilized X and Motif calls to construct a ploting and graphical control interface for serial communication between a Sun Sparcstation and controller hardware for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Performed UNIX system Administration.

  • Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. August 1991 - May 1992
    Research Assistant working on the n-cube parallel computer.

  • International Business Machines Corporation, Endicott, NY. Summer 1991
    Revised the system responsible for tracking production and quality control of integrated circuits. Utilized the OS2 graphical interface to synchronize the departments involved in the assembly line manufacturing process.

  • International Business Machines Corporation, Rochester, MN. Summer 1990
    Integrated Application System/400 CallPath/400 Architecture with telephone switching unit. Created C and CL software to collect Call Detail Records and system alarm messages. Provided technical assistance and tools to the telecommunication switch manufacturer to develop, test, and debug their communication interface.

  • Thomas J. Lipton, Inc., Englewood, NJ. Summer 1989
    Installed R:Base and Lotus 123 and provided user support for the operation and maintenance of the systems. Designed and developed applications for use by the Insurance and Loss Control Departments which included complex formulas for statistical analysis and future loss projections.





  • Virtual Planning Room(VPR).
  • ParaVision code and documentation.


UGGS (United Government of Graduate Students) and related activism

  • Member of UGGS. August 1994 - August 1999
  • UGGS annual Round Table Dinner - Participant and Moderator. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.
    Discussed topics of relevance to the university and the community.
  • Treasurer of UGGS. January 1995 - May 1998.
  • Vice-President of UGGS. May 1998 - May 1999.
  • Integral in starting the Funding Proposal Committee and served as a member recommending which university groups should be granted funding. January 1995 - August 1999.
  • Organized or assisted in the planning and running of the Fall picnic which welcomes back graduate students. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.
  • Member of the Hiring Committee for the UGGS Office Coordinator position. 1995, 1996, 1997.
  • Participated in Fall Graduate Orientations for departments across campus. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.
  • Integral in starting the UGGS TA (Teaching Assistant) awards and served on the committee. 1997, 1998, 1999.
    This is an award to acknowledge excellence in teaching and document unique teaching techniques.
  • Nominated for UGGS service award. 1999
  • Cross campus survey to check on fairness of salaries across departments. 1997.
  • Sponsor on Resolution 1997-01.
  • Joint graduate representative to UCSU (University of Colorado Student Union) Leg Council and CCS (Council of Colleges and Schools). 1995.
    Wrote funding request to CCS to get new computer equipment for UGGS.
  • Member of the UGGS committee to develop a 5 year plan for UGGS. 1995.
  • Setup the new UGGS computer equipment, aquired internet access, setup the web server at, and designed the initial web pages. 1995.
  • Member of the Chancellor's Commission on Buffalo Futures. September 1994 - January 1995
    The commission drafted the 10 year plan for the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Computer Science Representative to UGGS. August 1994 - August 1995


Non-Tech CVs

  • Dance, movement, photography, CV / info
    • Under Construction
    • Teaching, studied with, performed with, styles, modern, contact improv, photography, video, arts, etc.
    • Dance and Movement
    • Performances:
      • Name, location, date
  • Culinary CV / info
    • Under Construction
    • Teaching, teaching awards, styles, specialties, etc.
    • Culinary Business

Adam Jonathan Griff, Ph.D., , +1-303-731-5140