Dr. AJ's Place Mods


The following is what happens when you have a roommate who destroys your carpet. You decide it is a good time to replace the carpet with bamboo. Bamboo is eco-friendly, looks nice, and is very durable. But before you do the floor it would be a good time to knock down the wall in the kitchen you have always wanted to remove. Also, it is the time to install that gas cooktop you always deserved which means finding a place for the oven ... ahhhh - make the closet into a pantry and oven area which makes up for the lost space from removing the wall and its cabinets. Okay, enough detail ... you get the point. Little project steam rolls into bigger one.

End goal: New floors, professional cooking area surrounded by sushi bar and serving counter. Still resisting the words "kitchen remodel" by stopping on non-functional issues like $100,000 of new cabinets.


Adam Griff in his kitchen he designed and built Cooktop.jpg
Adam Griff in the finished kitchen he designed and built for his personal and professional use. Contact me for cooking class in the home.

Entry Way Into the House

EntryWay-Before-1.jpg EntryWay-During-1.jpg EntryWay-After-1.jpg EntryWay-After-2.jpg

Living Room

LivingRoom-Before-1.jpg blank LivingRoom-During-1.jpg LivingRoom-After-1.jpg LivingRoom-After-2.jpg


blank Bathroom-During-1.jpg Bathroom-After-1.jpg

Family Room

FamilyRoom-Before-1.jpg FamilyRoom-Before-2.jpg FamilyRoom-During-1.jpg FamilyRoom-During-2.jpg FamilyRoom-During-3.jpg FamilyRoom-During-4.jpg FamilyRoom-After-1.jpg FamilyRoom-After-2.jpg FamilyRoom-After-3.jpg FamilyRoom-After-4.jpg FamilyRoom-After-5.jpg FamilyRoom-After-6.jpg FamilyRoom-After-7.jpg

A Break to See the Sunset


Install Exterior Fume Hood Motor

FumeMotor-During-1.jpg FumeMotor-After-1.jpg


Kitchen-Before-1.jpg Kitchen-Before-2.jpg Kitchen-During-1.jpg Kitchen-During-2.jpg Kitchen-During-3.jpg Kitchen-During-4.jpg Kitchen-During-5.jpg Kitchen-During-6.jpg Kitchen-After-1.jpg Kitchen-After-2.jpg Kitchen-After-3.jpg Kitchen-After-4.jpg Kitchen-After-5.jpg

Pantry / Wall Ovens

Pantry-Before-1.jpg blank Pantry-After-1.jpg Pantry-After-2.jpg