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Pamper yourself with a seven course gourmet dinner that includes wine, aperitif, and digestif.
Cooking classes in the home followed by a gourmet dinning experience.

Award winning assistant chef at the Culinary School of the Rockies

Sushi Class

$75 - LIMITED TO 12

Cooking class. Learn about and how to make sushi rice, sushi vinegar, pickled ginger, spicy tuna, rolled sushi (Norimaki), inside out roll (Uramaki), Nigiri-zushi/Gunkanmaki, wasabi, vocabulary, cutting techniques and knife skills. Eat and drink to your heart's content. Bring your favorite sharp chef or sushi knife.

-Less price and more fun then a restaurant
-Great people
-Educational and fun
-Award winning chef and teacher makes it easy
-Trained and taught at Culinary School of the Rockies

Chez Griff
1537 Euclid Cir.
Lafayette, CO 80026
RSVP sushi@griffmonster .com

Food and How to prepare it

Catering, Classes, Events, etc.

Equipment and Supplies


Adam Griff in his kitchen he designed and built Cooktop.jpg
Adam Griff in the finished kitchen he designed and built for his personal and professional use. Contact me for cooking class in the home.

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