Boulder Global UnderScore 2007

Boulder group at Global UnderScore 2007
Joe Stoller, Jennifer Milligan, Ruby Rain, Jenny Epstein, Jennifer Peck, Kristen Wheeler, Lucien Renjilian-Burgy, Seth Watson, Steve Homsher, Victor Warring, Adam Griff, Lindsay Sworski

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Poem from Boulder Global UnderScore 2007
Jenny's hand writing the poem.

Here is a poem for you, compiled from the words said by those who
participated in the Global UnderScore last Saturday.

The Small Dance

The door swung open
and all the chambers
all the chambers of the heart
that I have opened before
opened to the human breezes
and I was wracked with tears
standing in the small dance
all at the same time
as the others
like the Amidah
like Tadasana
like praying
or like an eclipse
everything was seen for what it was
and I was reminded of Pompeii
and how we don't take up much space at all
we are really so small
I turned the pages of faces
that I have spent time with all over the world
sometimes I remembered the name
and it was sweet when I did
and I was spreading out to them
the progression of faces
with threads connecting out
something I haven't thought about
in a long time

I want in this century
as a woman
to have the surrender and the freedom allowed by a score.
I want a life score.
The ending was exactly what I imagined
and it was so gleeful
How did it happen?
The wall was so outrageous
and so right
and I felt like the room tilted
There are things that made that happen
people made the commitment
and people listened
when people commit and people listen
then things happen.
When I perceived it, it was like a magnet
some kind of magic happened
that the constellation was something everyone could relate to
disorganized energy organized into group mind
and I don't remember how I even got there
I just felt it behind me
I abandoned what I was doing
my senses clicked in
and it was so rewarding!
What made everything ever happen?
As a species we are learning
to have more telescoping awareness
so that more cool things can happen
and it's always happening
we just have to tune in
we can do the score by ourselves
human breezes drifting through me
The small dance


--Written by Jenny Epstein and co-created by participants
Photos by Adam J. Griff, Ph.D.
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